Professor Bednarski wins $200 000 SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Friday, August 29, 2014
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History Professor Dr Steven Bednarski and his collaborators at the Bader International Study Centre and Queen's University have won a major SSHRC Award to pursue their interdisciplinary research into climate change at the lost medieval village and manor of Herstmonceux, in East Sussex, England.

The Herstmonceux project will examine pre-modern European settlement patterns before and after the turbulent period between 1250-1440, when rising sea levels, coastal floods, and changing temperatures threatened life on the manor, giving historians insight into current climate and human habitation challenges.

Today, scientists, engineers, and policy makers struggle to respond to episodes of extreme weather and severe flooding. The Herstmonceux site offers an exceptional opportunity for us to engage in research that will bring historical context to our current challenges," says Dr Bednarski.