i>Clicker/REEF Polling - Students

REEF Polling vs iClicker Remote

Your instructor will let you know if you will be using iClickers and/or REEF polling in your class. Confirm which option they will allow before making your purchase.

Pros of REEF polling:

  • You can use any Internet enabled device to respond to polling questions i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops.
  • You don't need to remember to bring your iClicker remote in addition to your other devices.

Cons of REEF polling:

  • You must have a stable Internet connection to use REEF polling.
  • Battery life of your device may have an impact, whereas the battery in an iClicker remote should last the whole semester.
  • Beware that it takes a little longer for the REEF polling to be accepted, so try not to respond to a question at the last minute.

Registering your iClicker Remote in LEARN

Login to Waterloo LEARN and select the course that is using iClickers this term.

Find the iClicker Registration link within your course. It will usually be in a Content Module. Navigate to Content and to the module that contains the link.

Screenshot indicating the iClicker Registration Link in Content.

  • Enter the serial number found on the back of your iClicker Remote.
  • Leave the email address as your WatIAM id @ uwaterloo.ca.
  • The country should be changed to Canada.

Note: This process does not work using the Safari browser.

Screenshot of student registration page.

When your remote is successfully registered, it will appear on-screen along with the registration date.

Screenshot of a successful registration.

Creating your REEF Account

Confirm that your instructor will be using REEF polling. It is their decision as to whether they allow REEF or only i>Clicker remotes in their classroom.

An app is available for either iOS or Andriod users. Otherwise, you can access REEF through a web browser

Click on Create a New Account.

Screenshot indicating the Create a New Account button.

Search for: University of Waterloo

Screenshot indicating where to search for your institution.

Enter your personal information.

  • Your first and last name must match what it is in Waterloo LEARN.
  • Use your watiam-userid@uwaterloo.ca as your email address.

This must be done so that the software will be able to determine who you are in the Waterloo LEARN classlist. Not doing this may mean that you won't be assigned any grades for your participation in the polling sessions.

Note: Although the REEF account creation labels Student ID as recommended, uWaterloo strongly discourages its students from providing this information. The Student ID field should be left blank.

Screenshot of what account info to enter.

Entering Your Access Code

Purchase your Access Code from the Waterloo Bookstore. Do NOT purchase a REEF subscription through the App, as the Bookstore pricing is cheaper.

The Access Code can only be entered in the web browser version of REEF at: https://app.reef-education.com/#/login

Login to REEF and click on the Menu icon in the top left corner.

Screenshot indicating the Menu icon.

Select Enter Access Code from the menu

Screenshot indicating Access Code menu item

Enter the Access Code you received from the Waterloo Bookstore and click Submit

Screenshot of where to enter the access code.

Add your course to REEF

Click on the Menu icon and select Courses. Click on the '+' in the top right corner to add a course.

Screenshot indicating how to add a course.Search for your Institution, the University of Waterloo and select it when it pops up in the search results.

Screenshot indicating how to search for your institution.

Search for your Instructor or Course. Your course will only appear if your instructor has created it. If you are unable to find your course, confirm that your instructor will be using REEF and has created the REEF course.

Screenshot indicating how to search for a course.

Select your course and click on the Add this Course button.

Joining a Polling Session

Once your instructor has started a Polling Session you can join the session. Select your course and click on the Join button.

Screenshot indicating the Join button.

Note: The Join button will NOT appear until your instructor has started the Polling Session.

Once you have successfully joined the session, you will see a message indicating that you're connected.

Screenshot indication successful connection message.

Responding to Polling Questions

Once your instructor has asked a question, you will be given an opportunity to select an answer.

Screenshot indicating where to select a polling question response.

Once you have selected an answer, you will see a message indicating that the answer has been received.

Screenshot indicating the answer received message.