Policies and Procedures

Instructor Procedures:

Requesting a Course

Courses for the coming term may be requested by emailing learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca. Courses offered by the Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) are automatically requested.

Instructor Policies:

Course content specific policies will provide instructors with relevant information regarding setting up and running their courses.

Copying course content from another instructors course offering

Written confirmation in the form of an email from the instructor of the original course is required.

Student access to courses

By default, courses that are using Waterloo LEARN are activated the morning of the first day of classes for the term in which they are being taught. Courses from the previous term are disabled on that day, just prior to the activation of the new term rosters. While this is the default setting, instructors may elect to release courses prior to or later than the first day of classes. To request an early release or extension, please contact learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca

Adding students who are auditing a course

Students who are auditing a course must enroll through the Registrar's office. Once the student has successfully registered and become fees arranged access to the corresponding courses in LEARN will be granted automatically.

Adding students who are writing a deferred exam or need access to a past term

Please contact learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca

Adding a guest speaker to your course

Contact your CTE liaison or learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca and include the users full name, email address, level of access required and the course information.

Course archiving policy (including student data)

By default, courses are kept on instructors’ LEARN homepages for a year (3 terms) after the term of offer. A snapshot is taken of the course a month after the course has been taught and archived (content only is archived, not student data). At the end of the 3 terms, the courses are removed from the instructors’ LEARN homepage.

Requesting Waterloo LEARN Community Groups

Request community groups by emailing Learnhelp at learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca.

Fully Online courses

Questions and technical support for fully online courses should be directed to CEL by emailing extendedlearning@uwaterloo.ca

Student Policies:

Unpaid Fees

Students won’t have access to the online learning system (Waterloo LEARN) until their Registered Status on Quest for the current term is "Fees Arranged."

Visit the Finance - Student Accounts website to find out how to become "Fees Arranged" for the term.

Final Grades

In most cases, students will only be able to see their final grades in Quest. Instructors are not permitted to release final grades until after the exam period is over. For more information on this see Policy 46