What is Akindi?

Akindi is a web-based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple-choice exams. As an instructor, you can grade these exams using any sheet of paper and any scanner, putting you in control of the process.

Akindi is the new central tool for campus and will replace the existing Scantron exam processing service. Where you once used Scantron for multiple choice assessments, you can now use Akindi!

Integrating Akindi with a course on LEARN

  1. Log in to LEARN, learn.uwaterloo.ca
  2. Click on the title of the course you would like to use Akindi with
  3. Click Content tab and then Add a module from menu

Add a module field

  1. Name module "Akindi"
  2. Ensure the Visibility setting is set to Hidden (this will prevent students from seeing the module in the course)
  3. Click to expand Existing Activities drop down menu
  4. Select External Learning Tools

Existing Activities drop down

  1. Select Akindi from the list of LTI links

LTI links list

  1. Akindi resource has been integrated with LEARN course

Akindi integration screen