Displays, information booths and posters in the Library

The Library welcomes displays, information booths, posters, surveys and charitable campaigns that support the academic and social lives of the Waterloo community.

Request a display, booth or poster

  1. Ensure your proposal meets our guidelines, listed below.
  2. Read the responsibilities of the library and exhibitors.
  3. Fill out our display and information booth request form.

If you wish to have one of your posters put up on one of the Library's public boards, please see our guidelines for posters.


Displays and information booths


  • support the mission of the Library and the University of Waterloo
  • celebrate achievements of the Waterloo community, and the Library’s role in supporting these endeavours
  • have the potential to inspire, educate and entertain
  • reinforce the Library as a place of engagement and partnership within the campus community



  • be for a University of Waterloo project
  • have received approval from the Office of Research Ethics

Charitable campaigns and drop-boxes

  • must meet our guidelines for displays above.
  • only non-monetary drop-boxes are permitted, for up to one month


Submit posters to the library circulation desks where they will be reviewed to ensure the poster meets library guidelines. Once approved, the poster will be stamped "Approved by Library." Library staff will then put the poster up on the boards. Only one copy can be accepted. Approval and posting can take up to three days.

We will post according to the following priority:

  1. posters promoting events on campus
  2. relevant academic information, such as upcoming Law School Admission Council (LSAT) tests
  3. notices of performing or visual arts events taking place in the Waterloo Region

We will not post (includes but is not limited to the following):

  • campus election campaign posters
  • posters promoting religious, political or educational activities occurring outside of the university community
  • job postings, housing rentals or travel sales
  • anything of a commercial nature


The Library

  • has the right to refuse requests, including displays that:
    • may disrupt services or create security or safety concerns
    • are commercial in nature
    • include solicitation of funds or membership
    • involve any financial obligation on the part of the Library
  • will have displays and information booths dismantled and removed if they are not in accordance with our guidelines
  • will determine when and for how long displays and information booths will run
  • is not responsible for the security of, or damage to, any materials


  • are responsible for the set up, maintenance and dismantling of the display and information booths
  • must provide a brief description of your display and contact information to answer any inquiries, suggestions or concerns
  • will work with library staff to determine a suitable location and to review opportunities for publicity

STRATUS installation

"STRATUS" by Raine Shen. Dana Porter Library, March 2011.