Service standards

Our service standards outline the level of service that can be expected from library staff.

Overarching commitments:1

Service standards:2

Theme Standards
These standards apply during the regular work week (excludes weekends, University holidays and days the University is closed).
  • We will promptly advise of issues or problems that affect the use of our services and facilities via a variety of communication channels
  • Patrons will wait no longer than two minutes in line at the desk for circulation service when the desk is open
  • Patrons will wait no longer than five minutes in line at the desk for reference service when the desk is open
  • Email inquiries and feedback will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours
  • Voicemail messages will be acknowledged within 24 hours
  • Chat requests will be acknowledged within five minutes during chat operating hours
  • Out-of-office messages for phone and email will refer to an appropriate alternate contact
  • 90% all items will be reshelved within 24 hours of being returned to their home location
  • If items with requests are declared missing, patrons will be notified within 24 hours if they need to take further action to obtain the resource
  • Items placed on hold within the TriUniversity Group of Libraries will be available within three weekdays
  • Newly-acquired Waterloo material that is being catalogued will be made available to the user within five weekdays of the hold being placed
  • The Library will be open during advertised opening hours3
  • Daily weekday checks will be carried out in the Davis Centre Library to ensure study space guidelines are followed
  • The Library will foster a welcoming and safe environment for all
  • 95% of library equipment will be in proper working order
  • 24/7 access to the catalogue will be available for 99% of the time, not including scheduled downtime with warning
  • Research and instructional support will be provided in a range of appropriate formats through a variety of methods to meet the individual needs of our patrons

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1 These expectations pertain to library staff-patron interactions as well as library staff-library staff interactions.

2 These expectations pertain to the Library’s public space as well as library staff-patron interactions.

3 When this is not possible (typically due to a weather-related emergency) the Library’s home page and the message on the Library’s main phone menu will be updated to indicate that the Library is closed.

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