Our commitment to service

  1. The University of Waterloo Library is committed to providing welcoming and professional library services to support students, staff, faculty, and researchers as a partner in learning, research and innovation.
  2. Through diverse, relevant, and accessible programs, services, resources and spaces, the Library aims to deliver an exceptional experience for all users.
  3. We engage with all users and solicit feedback to improve library service and meet evolving needs.
  4. Our anywhere, anytime commitment to service means connecting our users with the materials they need through physical and electronic collections, vast resource sharing with university libraries across Canada, and open access content.
  5. The Library is committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, and human rights. Building on this foundation, we value:
    1. Access: equitable and open access to resources, spaces and services
    2. Knowledge: scholarly collections, scholarship, and the creation of knowledge
    3. Expertise: our deep knowledge that enables the success of learning, teaching and research and empowers new discoveries
    4. Service: a commitment to exceptional service that motivates and characterizes all that we do
    5. Partnerships: intentionally being connected, engaged and active with our partners
    6. Community: Being responsive to our learner and research communities

For more information or inquiries, please contact Graham Yeates at gyeates@uwaterloo.ca.