September 2019 to April 2020

art works


1. Birchbark Canoe

Andrea Jennings

Ink on paper

An early vehicle for exploration and new journeys, and elegantly constructed from natural resources, birchbark canoes remain an essential means of transportation for some Indigenous cultures. This canoe was made by Patrick Maranda (1901-1987), of the Rapid Lake (Lac Barriere) master canoe makers.

2. Beginning My Journey

Agapanthus Awakening

Teresa Walker

Fine art photography

Begin* exhibition graphic

Getting out into nature is good for the soul, whether you are a child seeing things for the first time, or an adult making new memories and remembering special moments. My floral photography captures the innate beauty and complexity of the subject and asks you to look deeper into its world. I’m asking you to spend time to discover the allure and intricacy of nature’s creations. My hope is that my works, Beginning My Journey and Agapanthus Awakening will draw you in and leave you with a sense of calm and wonderment.

3. Patina Series #10

Chris Shantz

Acrylic on canvas

A new piece of metal when exposed to the elements develops a patina over time, slowly transforming how it looks. Similarly in my work I begin with a blank canvas and then slowly add layers and texture to build up a patina to slowly transform the look of the piece, allowing us to wonder what lies beneath.

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