Transforming spaces

Transforming spaces

February 1 to August 30, 2019

Art on the wall


1. Ripples

Andrea Jennings

Ink on watercolour paper

Water is constantly in motion, its movement and ripples transforming the surface, abstracting its reflected imagery. Its transformative connotations allude to our own experiences a ripple in time that will change our outer and inner selves.

2. Untitled

Chris Shantz

Acrylic on canvas

Transforming spaces, February 1 to August 30

A new piece of metal when exposed to the elements develops a patina over time, slowly transforming how it looks. Similarly, in my work I build up a patina to slowly transform the look of the piece, allowing us to wonder what lies beneath and adding a sense of mystery to the work.

3. Discard Library

Hilary Hung

Found books, thread, handmade paper

The Discard Library project explores the life of books as their content becomes obsolete and they are discarded. If a book’s value is measured by its content, how can its material paper give it a new life? The project deconstructs these salvaged books through a multi-step week long process.

4. Ode to Ochre (1 & 2)

Kristina Foster

Acrylic on canvas

Ode to Ochre is a work that is a result of a complex painting process: it utilizes an opaque yellow ochre pigment that is layered on a gold pigment, and slowly transforms through layers of semi-transparent glazes of a floral motif. The viewer is treated to multiple variations of the art object as they move around the space thanks to the refraction through the opaque and semi-transparent layers on the canvas, which transforms their experience of the space depending on their location compared to the art object.

5. Momentary Lapse

Paula McLean

Oil on canvas

Drawing from surrealist tropes and imagery, the solitary structures are situated in an unpopulated zone and their separation from the human figure suggests that they are ruins from an era long past. While the looming forest in the background appears to be fleeting and in constant motion, the billboard-like structures are suspended in an ever-changing environment where new forms seem to be rising up from the earth in the distance. Such a scene is emblematic of the way the surrounding environment, and by extension, experience itself is constantly shifting and transforming, leaving the individual with no other choice but to surrender to and accept change.

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