Peer-reviewed journal articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles undergo an evaluation conducted by experts in a particular field of study. These experts determine whether an article meets the criteria for inclusion in a journal. This process helps ensure that the research described in the articles is original and of high quality. Another term for peer reviewed is refereed.

Note: Not all articles that appear in peer-reviewed journals have gone through the peer-review process. For example, editorials, letters to the editor, and book reviews are included at the editor's discretion.

Three ways to identify peer-reviewed articles

1. Use a library database with a "peer-review" feature

Most databases let you limit/filter your search results to peer-reviewed/refereed articles.

2. Check the journal's web page

There should be a statement indicating that the journal publishes "peer-reviewed/refereed" articles.

3. Use Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory

Search for the journal title that the article was published in. Check for the "Refereed" icon.

Screenshot showing Ulrich's icon of a referee's jersey

Peer Review in Three Minutes

Portions of this content were adapted from the University of Toronto and North Carolina State University libraries.