Library registration for visiting scholars and research assistants

To obtain library privileges for a visiting scholar or a research assistant, a sponsored WatIAM account needs to be requested from Information Systems and Technology (IST) through the UWaterloo Help Portal web form. The sponsored account can be requested by the department chair or their delegate (for example, their administrative assistant). In the web form, specify an end date and make sure the ‘Library access’ box is checked. By submitting the form, you are certifying that the person you are sponsoring matches the definition of either a visiting scholar or a research assistant. Please review the definitions below before submitting your request.

Visiting scholar

In order for a user to be registered as a visiting scholar, they must meet this definition: A ‘visiting scholar’ is commonly defined as a scholar from an institution who visits a host university and is projected to teach (provide an entire course), lecture (provide a presentation within a course), or perform research on a topic the visitor is valued for. The 'scholar' may be an individual who has an affiliation to a post-secondary institution, research facility, or department in a public or private organization. Usually a 'visiting scholar' has at least a Bachelor's degree (and often a graduate degree) and the length of visit is limited to two years or less.

Research assistant

In order for a user to be registered as a research assistant, they must meet this definition: A 'research assistant' is a researcher employed, often on a temporary contract, by the university or research institute for the purpose of assisting in academic research. Research assistants are not independent and are responsible to a supervisor or principal investigator and usually are not directly responsible for the outcome of the research.