Research data management services (RDMS)

With the release of the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy, researchers will be required to implement data management practices.

  • Research data are an important research output and the agencies believe that data collected through the use of public funds should be responsibly and securely managed and, where ethical, legal and commercial obligations allow, be available for reuse by others.
  • To this end, the agencies support the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) guiding principles for research data management and stewardship.

This webpage offers solutions to help researchers be good data stewards.

Data management plans

To create a data management plan, use DMP Assistant   

  • When you CREATE ACCOUNT, choose the University of Waterloo as your ORGANISATION

Find a data repository

We recommend using a discipline-specific repository or one that is mandated by funding agencies or journals.

Find research data repositories from various academic disciplines using:

If you are not using a discipline-specific repository, here are our recommendations:


The following resources are meant as quick guides. For more topics or more depth, please see "More training options" in the right-hand column

Direct Contact with the RDMS team

More training options

  • Digital Research Alliance of Canada training resources
    • includes everthing from one-page guides to online training modules and videos that span the research data life cycle.