Research data management services (RDMS)

The Library can guide students, faculty, and researchers with RDM consultations and training, as well as data deposit support. We also offer self-guided RDM training featuring the most current information on our Research Data Management Guide. Here you can find key information on best practices, learning resources, Waterloo-specific templates, and recommended data repositories and tools.  

Research data management (RDM) encompasses the processes applied throughout the lifecycle of a research project to guide the collection, documentation, storage, sharing, and preservation of research data. Research data are a critical research output that catalyze future knowledge and innovation.  

At the University of Waterloo, researchers are encouraged to implement RDM into all their projects as part of impactful research creation and to elevate research excellence. The University of Waterloo’s RDM Institutional Strategy & Implementation Plan is a cross-campus initiative led by the Office of Research and the Library and reflects our institutional commitment to RDM. The Institutional Strategy recognizes the importance of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data management, data stewardship, and Indigenous Data Sovereignty throughout the research life cycle. Incorporating RDM into research also meets the requirements of diverse funders and publishers of research, including Tri-Agency (NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC) funding programs. 

Looking for guidance? Have a question? Connect with the RDM team at for more information and assistance. 

RDM Services

Consultation Services

Data management guidance

General data management support for any stage of the research process. This type of consultation will assist the planning, implementation, and optimization of active project workflows through RDM best practices.

Project planning for RDM

Guidance on writing your data management plan (DMP) and how to plan for your discipline-specific RDM needs. This type of consultation is ideal during the early stages of a research project, including the grant writing stage.


Data storage selection

Recommendations for finding storage solutions for active projects involving collaboration, large data, data security, sensitive data, etc. Guidance for selecting preservation options for mid-term and long-term accessibility and management.

Data deposit support

Instruction for preparing data for deposit, including guidance for choosing Creative Commons licenses. We provide comprehensive feedback and support for deposits in the University of Waterloo Dataverse deposits in Borealis. Consultation is available for deposits in non-affiliated repositories.


Repository selection

Assistance in evaluating and selecting an appropriate data repository for your discipline and project requirements.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Creation

Support for obtaining digital object identifiers for datasets to enhance their discoverability and citability.


RDM Training and Presentation Services

Training and workshops

From file organization and data storage to RDM workflows and data deposits, we offer training for all skill levels and disciplines. 


Adapted presentations for a broad range of disciplines that capture up-to-date practices for RDM in Canada.