Suggest a purchase

The Library welcomes suggestions for purchases of books, journals, and other resources not already owned. To recommend a purchase, complete the online purchase request form. The form will be forwarded to your librarian.

Library purchases depend on:

  • the relevance to teaching and research
  • funds available
  • costs
  • similar holdings in the collection

Please note the following when placing a request to purchase:

  • There is no guarantee that a requested resource will be purchased.
  • Orders are sent out as quickly as possible. If you want a book or periodical to be ready for use at a definite time, please specify the date required under 'Notes' and we will do our best to meet your wishes.
  • Please consult the Library's online catalogue before making recommendations. Unless you specify under 'Notes' that you wish us to purchase additional copies, your request will not be considered if the Library already owns the item.

  • Recommendations regarding Internet resources can be sent to the librarian responsible for collection development in the discipline.

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