Criteria for funding

All Library staff on regular appointments can apply for funding to support professional development. Professional development activities include but are not limited to conferences, workshops, and observation leaves. There is no formula-driven method of determining which requests will be granted and at what level of funding.

The following criteria reflect principles and standards that may be used to assess the merits of a request and to determine the allocation of funds. These criteria should be kept in mind when applying for funds:

  • Benefit of the professional development activity to the individual
  • Benefit of the activity to the Library and/or its partners (e.g., the extent to which the activity would support/enable the Library's strategic goals)
  • Benefit of the activity to the University
  • Contribution of the activity to the library profession
  • Role of the requestor in the activity (e.g., contributor vs. attendee)
  • Relationship of the activity to previous skill/knowledge development (e.g. other research or professional development activity)
  • Proposed outcomes as to the dissemination of knowledge and information and the extent to which the requestor becomes a resource to others, i.e., evidence of active sharing and usage of experience gleaned

When a professional development activity (including travel when required) falls on a Saturday or Sunday or on a University holiday, equivalent time off (up to 7 hours per day) may be taken at a time to be arranged with the individual's manager.