Collaborative Futures

Ontario Council of University Libraries Collaborative Futures initiative (OCUL CF)

Collaborative Futures is a partnership between 14 Ontario university libraries coming together to build one shared discovery platform. The project will include moving from Voyager to the Alma integrated library system, and upgrading to a new version of Primo. This collaboration will help our libraries meet the changing landscape of scholarly communication, higher education, and developments in information technology, within our available resources.

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"Our 20 years of experience and expertise in a consortial environment are already helping to shape important OCUL-CF policies and practices.

As we take this exciting step towards a new digital library services platform, I have every confidence that the dedication and hard work we are investing will result in robust access to our rich collections, resources, and services."

- Beth Namachchivaya, University Librarian


Core project team:

  • Alison Hitchens (co-chair)
  • Alex McCulloch (co-chair)
  • Courtney Bremer
  • David Gall
  • Betty Graf
  • Sarah Martin
  • Samantha Murray (Human Resources)
  • Sara Perkins
  • Brandon Uhlman
  • Johanna Whitson
  • Jonathan Woodcock (Information Systems & Technology)
  • Agnes Zientarska-Kayko