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Wat? IAM able to log into my Library account?!

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With the launch of Omni, all students and many faculty and staff will be able to use their WatIAM account to log into their library account and to get access from anywhere.

Not working for you? See below for details.

Who can log in with WatIAM?

Fine-ally, changes to overdue charges in Omni

Meet Omni

As the Library moves to Omni, we are pleased to eliminate all currently outstanding overdue fines* for all our users!

In Omni, there will be no regular* overdue fines. Once materials are 30 days overdue, they will be assessed a replacement cost and a non-refundable administration fee of $25.

If you need an item that is signed out, the system will work to find another copy in the Omni database or will recall the item for you. Fines for overdue recalled materials will increase to $4 per day.

Game of loans

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The move to Omni brings new and simplified borrowing policies for print materials across the 14 Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) members. Learn more about the project on our Omni website.

Key policy changes* include:

Changes are coming to the Library catalogue

Meet Omni

University of Waterloo Library is one of 14 members of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) coming together to create a single academic search tool called Omni. Learn more about the project on our Omni website.

Some of the things that Omni includes:

Save your (Primo) shelf

In December 10, 2019, University of Waterloo Library is moving to a new shared Library system called Omni, including a new and improved version of our Primo catalogue. Omni will provide fast and easy access to a vast collection of high-quality, academic material from 14 Ontario university libraries!

Unfortunately, saved items and search settings in your current Primo account will not migrate to the new version.

Make sure you export your e-shelf items and and saved searches by December 6, 2019.

The end (of Trellis) is upon us

Do you still use Trellis, our old or 'classic' catalogue?

When University of Waterloo Library moved its catalogue to Primo many years ago, our old catalogue - Trellis - stuck around. In December 2019, the Library will be moving to a new version of Primo. Learn more about Omni.

The great news: Omni will see 14 Ontario university libraries join forces to share one catalogue - vastly expanding the resources available to our users.