The end (of Trellis) is upon us

Do you still use Trellis, our old or 'classic' catalogue?

When University of Waterloo Library moved its catalogue to Primo many years ago, our old catalogue - Trellis - stuck around. In December 2019, the Library will be moving to a new version of Primo. Learn more about Omni.

The great news: Omni will see 14 Ontario university libraries join forces to share one catalogue - vastly expanding the resources available to our users.

The (not so) bad news: Trellis is going away.

If you're still an active user of Trellis, make sure you export any saved items or searches before December 2019!

See below for instructions on saving your searches and exporting your item lists.

Saving 'My Searches'

  1. Log into your Trellis account using your WatCardMy Searches window
  2. Go to the My Searches tabTrellis log in window
  3. Copy all your searches and save in your preferred format, such as a Word or Excel document
  4. You will be able to re-enter and save your searches in the new catalogue

Saving 'My List'

  1. Log into your Trellis account using your WatCardLogin window
  2. Go to the My List tab and select either all or individual results; selected results can be printed, exported or emailedMy List tab
  3. To export search results, choose the desired format and click ExportMy List export window

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