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July 2017

2017-2018 Porter Renovation Plans

As you may have heard by now, renovations are underway at Dana Porter Library. We anticipate that all work within Porter will be completed by the beginning of March and are scheduled to break ground on construction by the end of August. Only two floors will be affected by the construction work: the 3rd Floor and the 5th Floor. Our hope is that this renovation will allow the 3rd Floor to someday become a new, revitalized space for the Library Mission to support:

A great big thank you!

It has been an exceptional year of transformation – with much more to come!

Following the departure of our University Librarian, two Associate University Librarians, 7 retirements, and in the midst of vigorous recruiting and numerous projects, everyone on the Library has been affected by – and facilitated – the many changes underway.

Library ambassadors: written by Pree Rao and Mary Lynne Bartlett

Hi everyone! Our names are Pree and Mary Lynne and we are the proud leads of the Library Ambassador program. Through our roles, we have the privilage of working with a group of UWaterloo’s most remarkable students (okay, maybe we are a little biased, but they truly are the best!).