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Behind the scenes look at Interlibrary loans: written by Fatima Sidi Aliyu

Hello everyone!

Library ambassadors: written by Matheson Tang

Hey everybody I’m back! My name is Matheson and I am in my 2B term of Honours Science at the University of Waterloo. This is my second term as a Library Ambassador, and I wanted to come back because I had such a great experience being a Library Ambassador last fall term.

Library ambassadors: written by Almyra Popat

Do you find yourself at the library and looking at a particular bookshelf with the sign “Waterloo Reads”? Do you find yourself wondering what it is? Well, Waterloo Reads are books with popular titles that are purchased and selected in collaboration with Words Worth Books in Waterloo.

Library ambassadors: written by Rachel Ross

When you think of a Library, what comes to your mind? Mainly books I’m assuming. Maybe they just serve as a location where you can find a quiet study space, but you haven’t ventured very far from the individual desk sections. This was also my reaction when I thought about libraries until I became a Library Ambassador.

Library ambassadors: written by Chelsea Davies-Kneis

Library ambassadors: written by Brittney Wong

Library ambassadors: written by Megan Thomas

Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I am in my 3rd year of Biomedical Science. As one of the Library Ambassadors for this term I will be discussing one of the many free and convenient services the library has to offer; Interlibrary Loans.

Library ambassadors: written by Maryam Shaker-Azab