The assignment planner: written by Alyson Fleming

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Hi everyone! My name is Alyson and I am in my 2B term of Public Health. This is my second term as a Library Ambassador and so far, it has been just as good as the first :) The Library Ambassador position provided me with everything I was looking for in a job: flexible work hours, close proximity to where I live, connections on campus and a place to enhance my skills.

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In this post I’ll be outlining the Assignment Planner tool which is accessible through the library website or on Learn! The Assignment Planner offers students instructions on how to complete different types of projects and helps you create a plan based on the start and due date of the assignment. There are 8 different types of assignments this feature can help you with:

  1. Annotated Bibliography
  2. Lab Report
  3. Research Essay
  4. STEM Poster Presentation
  5. Policy Brief
  6. Literature review
  7. Critical Reflection
  8. Article Review

When looking for help, just click on the type of project you’re completing and read through the recommended instructions to get started!

screenshot of webpageThis service is SO beneficial for students. Projects in university can be far different from high school and this feature provides instructions and information on how to do each assignment properly and get them done on time. We all procrastinate sometimes but the Assignment Planner is here to help all students with time management and project planning – two very important skills for succeeding through these busy study terms! While the Assignment Planner won’t tell you exactly what to write, it is a helpful tool for mapping out the steps required to complete your work.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Each assignment option begins with a detailed explanation about what the assignment is asking you to do
  • Not sure how a research essay is different from a literature review? We’ve got you covered!
  1. Each assignment is then split up into manageable steps with their completion outlined as percentages
  •  ex: Research, step 2 of an essay, is 35% of the work!
  • Seeing each step as a numerical portion can help to make you feel more accomplished and energized to stay on track!
  1. Each step is complete with all the helpful links and resources you might need
  • When proofreading, we’ve linked citation guides, our Writing Centre resources, and articles on revision tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed about how much work one essay takes? Are you struggling to find out what to put on your poster? The Assignment Planner helps you break up projects into manageable pieces, making your work feel less daunting and stressful. You can even choose to print out an Assignment checklist and timeline to refer back to while you work on the project.

We, at the library want you to succeed in your studies and using the Assignment Planner can help you do just that! This feature can make any assignment feel more under control and less stressful. Have a great term and happy studying Warriors!