Omni, the library's new search tool: written by Monique Mery

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My name is Monique Mery and I’m in my 3B of Biomedical Science and this is my second term being a Library Ambassador. This term I’ve taken a more senior role among the Library Ambassador family and I’ve been tasked with co-leading the term project which is about Fair Dealing, so I’m super super excited to see how it turns out! I originally wanted to be a Library Ambassador because like many students I rely on the Library a lot for study spaces, books, research articles, and printing. I wanted to be a part of something that I rely on heavily for my academic success and to help the Library give back to the study body.

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I’ve been tasked with profiling the “Omni Search Tool” service. The Omni Academic Search Tool is a single academic search tool composed of materials from 14 different Ontario University Libraries. This search tool is easily accessible, as all students and faculty can use their WatIAM credentials to log into their Library account and access a vast collection of scholarly resources, including books, databases, journal articles, and videos.

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As a student, especially a science student, the Omni Search Tool has made my life easier. As a student who writes a lot of lab reports, I need access to a lot of different academic resources to help me complete my assignments. Since the Omni Search Tool is composed of multiple different universities that share one catalogue, I have access to a vast amount of resources that are readily available. The Omni Search Tool is also very helpful to science students, like me to because I know the research, I am accessing is high quality, peer-reviewed and appropriate for all of my academic pursuits.

Overall the Omni Search Tool is an excellent resource for not just science students but for all students who need quick access to a vast amount of resources. Next time you need access to a wide variety of resources but don’t know where to find them, look for the Omni Academic Search Tool on the Library’s website.