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April 2016

Computer and Information Science Abstracts (CISA) - cancelled April 30, 2016

Computer and Information Science Abstracts (CISA) expired on April 30, 2016 and will not be renewed.

We heard you!

Last month we asked you to “Have Your Say” about current library spaces. Comment cards were available in study areas at the Dana Porter and Davis Centre Libraries for our users to fill out. Here is the high level feedback we gathered through these comment cards:

Students using the DC Library want

  • More study space
  • Better WiFi
  • Improved washrooms
  • Reduced noise
  • Enhanced atmosphere

Students using the DP Library want

Advisory Committee Meets + a Visual Scan

The Advisory committee’s first meeting (February 25, 2016) included a review of the Library Revitalization Project Charter, Terms of Reference and the communication plan (Rebecca and Sarah B).  An update on work by the Core Team to date included a presentation on using ethnographic methods to identify user needs (Anne) and a discussion on committee members’ experience with study space at UWaterl