We heard you!

Last month we asked you to “Have Your Say” about current library spaces. Comment cards were available in study areas at the Dana Porter and Davis Centre Libraries for our users to fill out. Here is the high level feedback we gathered through these comment cards:

Students using the DC Library want

  • More study space
  • Better WiFi
  • Improved washrooms
  • Reduced noise
  • Enhanced atmosphere

Students using the DP Library want

  • More areas like the 6th floor
  • More group study space
  • Better outlet placement
  • Longer hours
  • Quieter atmosphere

Unfortunately, there are a few things we are unable to address. The DC Library has spotty cell reception and this is because the building is made almost entirely out of concrete. Major structural changes, not financially feasible, would be required to improve cell reception.

In the past, we’ve had requests to add the Google Chrome browser to public workstations. After conducting a thorough analysis, it was shown that the Google Chrome browser uses a disproportionate amount of computer memory when compared to all other applications, especially the other browsers, which does not make it feasible for us to support.

Through the comment cards you also told us your favourite places:

DP Library

  • The 6th floor (the recent renovation was a success!)
  • Sims Reading Room
  • Study spaces on the higher floors with windows/ nice views

DC Library

  • Silent Study Room
  • Sims Carrels (carrels under the skylight, in the southwest corner; donated by the Economical Insurance Group in honour of Peter Sims)
  • In general, private areas with natural light

Your insights and experiences about spaces that work well and ones that don’t will help us plan a revitalization of Davis and Porter libraries. There are a number of elements mentioned in the comment cards we will consider in the redesign:

  • More natural light/windows
  • Larger desktops
  • More silent/quiet areas
  • More lively, modern atmosphere

One thing we’re already working on is a better process for monitoring carrels – we hope to reduce the amount of time it takes to fix broken chairs, chargers and lights at workspaces throughout the libraries.

Please stay tuned to hear about more ways you can provide input on Library study space & design!