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January 2020

Assignment planner written by Monique Mery

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with an assignment that you have no clue where to start? I know I have, countless times, but the Assignment Planner is here to save us. Before I go on to explain the wonders of the Assignment Planner, let me introduce myself!  My name is Monique Mery, I’m in my 4A of Biomedical Sciences (it’s so scary that I’m almost done !!) and this is my third term being a Library Ambassador and I’m just as excited as I was back in my first term of this position!

Online Chat Service by Maryam Azab

Hello Everyone,

My name is Maryam, I am in my 4th year of Kinesiology, and I am super excited to work with the Library as an Ambassador, for yet another term! I have learned about so many library and general campus resources, and my position has allowed me to hone my interpersonal and leadership skills through many projects and experiences I was fortunate to take part in as an Ambassador!

Waterloo Digital Library written by Alyson Fleming

What is the Waterloo Digital Library?

RADAR: written by Marya Talha

woman typing on laptop

Hello everyone!

Internet phishing: written by Ahsan Syed

person with a fishing rod dangling it in front of man at computer

Fake news: written by Alyson Fleming

desk with laptop, mug, and person typing

There is so much information floating around about COVID-19 that it can sometimes be hard to know what to believe! With all news channels and social media apps spreading different information, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how to identify credible sources, evidence-based facts and authors you can trust.

Information bias: written by Maryam Azab

the word bias writen on a chalk board

Information bias: written by Monique Mery

hand writing the word "bias" in blue marker

Avengers DIY

man standing beside ladder with paintbrush in hand
Want to get creative with the Avengers? Library Week has put together some Do It Yourself activities ranging from delicious foods to building your Tesseract and your own Arc Reactor!

Learn to garden with baby Groot

groot running down a gravel path

Welcome to gardening with Baby Groot! As you know the Guardian of the Galaxy are always on the go, so today we are going to go through step by step how to begin gardening no matter where you are!

Choose your location

Community gardens around you:

Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week

Hey everyone, It's Kellie and Ahsan, the Student Engagement and Communications co-op students from spring and fall term. We've written a blog post about this year's Science Literacy Week theme: Biodiversity!

What is Biodiversity and its Significance?

Escaping into gamification: library co-op students' experiences creating virtual escape rooms

Hey everyone, we hope you have been enjoying the escape rooms launched on September 1 the Student Engagement team have organized for you.

Waterloo Digital Library: written by Brittney Wong

The assignment planner: written by Alyson Fleming

WatCard and the Library: written by Yujin Chung