Open Access week written by Monique Mery

international open access week

Open access week is a global event where various academic and research communities, such as universities, dedicate a week to raise awareness, learn the benefits and find out ways to promote and increase open access content. 

Open access refers to the free access to a variety of academic materials such as research articles through various online platforms. Open access also comes with the rights to use and re-use these academic resources. Which is awesome! 

The University of Waterloo has its own Open Scholarship Committee that is committed to ensuring the University of Waterloo community is able to find, publish, use and re-use open access material. 

The Open Scholarship Committee specifically helps with 

  • Making past publications open access in the University’s institutional repository to comply with funding agency responsibilities
  • Launching and publishing open access journals 
  • Finding open access content that you can access 

- Monique