Assignment planner written by Monique Mery

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with an assignment that you have no clue where to start? I know I have, countless times, but the Assignment Planner is here to save us. Before I go on to explain the wonders of the Assignment Planner, let me introduce myself!  My name is Monique Mery, I’m in my 4A of Biomedical Sciences (it’s so scary that I’m almost done !!) and this is my third term being a Library Ambassador and I’m just as excited as I was back in my first term of this position!

Now to get back to the wonders of the Assignment Planner. If you’re wondering what it is, well it’s a tool that was beautifully crafted through a collaboration between Accessibility Services, the Library, Student Success Office and the Writing and Communication Centre to break down your research and writing projects into small manageable steps based on your assignment’s due date. The biggest thing is that the Assignment Planner helps you steadily work through your assignment so you don’t find yourself, the day before your assignment is due, scrambling to finish it and maybe even having to pull an all-nighter (don’t worry we’ve all done it) but the thing is you don’t have to do any of this anymore with the help of the Assignment Planner.

Assignment planner

Assignment Planner offers help for a wide variety of assignments such as annotated bibliographies, lab reports, research essays, STEM poster presentations, policy briefs, literature reports, critical reflections, and article reviews. All you have to do is choose what type of assignment you are doing, submit the timeline of your assignment (so when you want to start and when it’s due) and you will receive a detailed plan of when you have to complete each step along with general information on what is required to complete each step. The Assignment Planner also refers you to other services that can provide you help along the way. It is truly the greatest tool to keep you on tract with completing your assignments!

For more on the assignment planner, check out the Library website.

- Monique Mery