WatCard and the Library: written by Yujin Chung

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Hello Waterloo Warriors! My name is Yujin, and I'm a third-year Public Health student. This is my fourth semester working as a Library Ambassador, and I continue to be part of the team because I love all the people I'm working with and all the people I meet during my shifts. I'm so proud that I'm part of this fantastic team! This term, I was able to learn more about Library card privileges, and I want to share what I learned in this blog post :)

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In the University of Waterloo, your WatCard serves as your Library card. Therefore, you don't need to worry about getting another card. With your Library card a.k.a WatCard, you can use it to borrow library material, print, photocopy, and scan.

One of the most useful privileges is being able to borrow library materials and resources. Just like other Libraries, you can borrow books with your library card. You can borrow equipment from 14 different Ontario University Libraries with Omni, our new search tool. Isn't that amazing? Or through the Annex, you can request books from the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Guelph. Renewal of borrowed books can be extended indefinitely as long as no one else has requested them. You can also take out a course reserve book for 3 hours within the library and save textbook money!

With the library card, you can loan various equipment free of charge to be used in the Library for three hours. The equipment includes calculators, headphones, phone charger as well as a micro projector to be used along with projection screens in sixth-floor study room at Dana Porter Library or other study rooms.

I can go on and on about the awesome things you can do with your WatCard at the Library. If you are still curious about the school library card's privilege, visit us at the library!

If you are not a current student, don't worry! You can still have access to resources by registering for a WatCard. If you are faculty, staff, or alumni, you can activate your Watcard using the online registration form or by visiting the Library's Circulation Desk in person.

In the University of Waterloo's Library, many more resources and services are being offered. I'm so glad that I can share these awesome resources with you all and hope you enjoyed reading this as well. If you want to know more details about those available resources and services, you can talk to a Library Ambassador,  other library staff or visit our library website: https://lib.uwaterloo.ca/web/index.php.  Don't be afraid to approach us! We love sharing our knowledge!