Wat? IAM able to log into my Library account?!

With the launch of Omni, all students and many faculty and staff will be able to use their WatIAM account to log into their library account and to get access from anywhere.

Not working for you? See below for details.

Who can log in with WatIAM?

  • Students: You should immediately be able to login with your WatIam account. Not working? Let us know!
  • Faculty and staff: If you have a newer WatCard, it should work for you. If not, please watch this blog for updates...all faculty and staff should be able to log in using their WatIAM over the next couple months.
  • Community borrowers and alumni: You still need to use the barcode on your library card. You will be asked to create a PIN the first time you log into the new system.

Do I still need my library card?

Yes! You still need to present your library card in order to borrow materials. You will also still need to use the barcode when requesting interlibrary loans from institutions outside of Omni.

Questions? Ask us!