OCUL CF staff training resources

Staff training resources

  • Alma training SharePoint site
  • Alma essentials training videos - the training committee will provide guidance on the order of viewing
  • OCUL training schedule
  • Waterloo Library staff training sessions
  • Feedback survey

Projected timeline


What When Who

Initial training in preparation for testing


Staff identified

Introduction to Alma


All staff

Planning for large scale training


Training sub-committee

Large scale functional training


All staff

Go live! December 10th, 2019  
Ongoing support December - TBD All staff

Email the training sub-committee:

  • Deb Addesso
  • Ryan Ball
  • Courtney Bremer (lead)
  • Johanna Whitson
  • Agnes Zientarska-Kayko

Core team:

  • Alison Hitchens (co-chair)
  • Alex McCulloch (co-chair)
  • Courtney Bremer
  • David Gall
  • Betty Graf
  • Sarah Martin
  • Samantha Murray (HR)
  • Sara Perkins
  • Brandon Uhlman
  • Johanna Whitson
  • Jonathan Woodcock (IST)
  • Agnes Zientarska-Kayko