Booking the Computer or Learning Lab for staff training and events

The Computer Lab and the Learning Lab are bookable for university-related events or activities by faculty, staff and student groups. They can also be booked by library staff. The public use guidelines are listed on the public facing webpage [link to]. When not booked these spaces are open as student study spaces. During regular business hours course-related library instruction and library workshops take precedence.

Internal library staff use guidelines for Computer and Learning lab

  • Full day or multiple day bookings may be possible, but are not guaranteed.
  • Priority is given for course-related library instruction for the first eight¬†weeks of each term.¬†
  • Food and drink may be consumed in the Learning Lab and the Computer Lab.
  • The labs must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. This enables Derek (ext. 33938) to post up-to-date schedules at the doors which indicate availability for each lab. This will notify users when the space is available to the public.
  • For library workshops, please check enrolment in GoSignMeUp 24 hours before and cancel or reschedule if needed.
  • Note: Other meeting or training spaces include:
    • DC 1568
    • DC 1546A
    • DC 1554
    • LIB 317A
    • LIB 502
    • LIB515A
    • LIB 519
    • LIB 520
    • LIB 532
    • Porter ISR meeting room
  • Computer Lab
    • GIS workshops have priority booking in the Computer Lab because the GIS software is loaded on those computers.
    • No webinar viewing should be booked in the Computer Lab.
      • Lib 428, 407 and 502 as well as DC 1568 are available for webinar viewing. This maximizes student use when not being used for instruction, training or university related events.
    • The Computer Lab should only be used as meeting/training space as a last resort and/or if computer terminals are required.

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