Carrot loaf recipe review

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Special Collections & Archives and members of the Library's Health, Safety and Wellness Committee are recreating a recipe collection as both a United Way fundraiser and 65th anniversary project. This project follows the lead of a 1982 recipe collection library staff compiled in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the University of Waterloo.

Reviews of recipes from the 1982 recipe collection will be posted once a month in anticipation of the 2022 recipe collection that will be available for purchase during the October United Way campaign.

Reviewed by Matt West and family, and the Resource Sharing Team

What did you like about the recipe?

The carrot loaf is very tasty. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is not very sweet so if you want to have a delicious baked good without all the sugar this is a very good option to have.The overall turnout was positive, and all the taste testers agreed that it was a tasty treat.

What did/would you change?

I felt it was a little too dense. So, I would add some yeast to it. Mix it in with some sugar water and add it in and proof for about 20-30 minutes. This should give it the airiness and fluffiness it needs.

My family feels it needs more cinnamon and nutmeg. They viewed it more of a dessert you have after dinner rather than a late-night nibble.

The Resource Sharing Team (Sarah Martin, Nadeem Lawji, Karen Davidson, Ted Harms, Danielle Farr and Jason Keta) all thought it was good. But they missed the pecans. And if they were added maybe cut back on the number of nuts in them.

General comments

Found on page 96 of the 1982 recipe collection. When trying this recipe, we decided to do the loaf in a muffin tray. This way everyone who tried it had their own individual loaf. Unfortunately, I did not have the pecans that the recipe called for. In the picture below we decided to pair our mini loaf with some hot black tea and some vanilla pudding. A fantastic late-night snack to have during the calming hours of the night. Only thing that was missing was pecans.

Rating out of 5


Carrot muffing with a spoonful of vanilla pudding on a small plate. In the background are two mugs of black tea. One reads “This mug isn’t huge. My hands are just tiny” and the other “Tea Rex”.

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