_Service catalogue - Storage

Summary:  Storage is provided in the form of home folders and departmental network drives. Storage is assigned based on the purpose (teaching, research, or department).  This is the network location we mean when we say store files to the network.  This is the safest method of backup.  Files stored on the local hard drive are not safe. 

Why you want this service: You need a safe, secure way to store files that are important for the University.

What you need before using this service: A valid user account in Nexus.

What you get when you use this service: Allocated storage on one of the file servers.

What is included in this service: Users have full control of their home folders. Access to department drives may be restricted.

How to use this service:

Departmental shared file storage

Research and staff file storage

Student file storage

Where can you use this service: Your storage can be accessed from on campus or when connected with VPN.

When can you use this service:

The standard service level terms apply.