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Location & Parking

The Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment is located in room 1401, on the ground floor of the Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology (PAS) Building at the University of Waterloo.


200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON  N2L 3G1

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Coming from University Avenuesign for CMHR

The road around the inside of the University campus is called Ring Road. You will turn left onto Ring Road and drive past two buildings (Tatham Centre and Hagey Hall). You will see a sign that says Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology. Turn right into the laneway just before the sign; the parking lot is at the bottom of the laneway.

Coming from Columbia St.columbia sign

Turn right onto the Ring Road and follow it for quite a distance (you will pass Fed Hall, Physical Activities Complex, Student Life Centre, Needles Hall, and Environmental). When you are across from University Avenue, you will see the Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology sign. Turn left into the laneway just past the sign; the parking lot is at the bottom of the laneway.

Now that you’re heredoors to CMHR

Come in the double set of doors down the path. Come straight through the set of double doors. We are the first wooden door on the left. If it is after 5:00 pm and the door is locked, please ring the doorbell.

You may park in any of the spots in the parking lot free of charge, but you must have a parking pass. Your clinician will provide you with a parking pass upon your arrival. If you have regular weekly sessions at a set time, your clinician will give you one permit that is valid for the set time.

Coming by bus

The University of Waterloo is serviced by several routes along the Grand River Transit municipal bus line. Please contact Grand River Transit at (519) 585-7555 for information on how to reach the University of Waterloo by bus from your area.

You will want to take the bus to the bus stop in front of the Hagey Hall for the Humanities Theatre. From there, look for a driveway with a sign that says "Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology". Go in that driveway and enter the building on your left (the Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology building). Inside will be signs directing you to the Centre. The Centre is situated on the ground floor, room 1401.

hallway to CMHR

If you enter the building from the parking lot, come straight through the set of double doors, and then the Centre is the first wooden door on the left.