Poster title and authors Link

"Relational Body Image: Preliminary evidence that body image varies within a person from one specific relationship to another"

Prepared by: Sydney Waring & Allison Kelly

"The impact of daily self-compassion on eating disorder symptoms"

Prepared by: Aleece Katan & Allison Kelly

"Improving student well-being despite the difficulties of the pandemic"

Prepared by: Christopher Lok, Richard Eibach, and Daria Kondrateva

"Supporting Student Mental Health in Class: Online modules for TAs and Instructors from the Centre for Teaching Excellence"

Prepared by: Kristin Brown, Emma Green, Kristen Archbell

"Harm Reduction for People Who Don't Use Drugs"

Prepared by: Janet Jones

"Gender Differences in Restraint Use: A Population-Based Cohort of Acute Psychiatric Hospital Patients in Ontario, Canada between 2006-2018."

Prepared by: Polyana De-Oliveira & Chris Perlman

"Using Data to Support Student Thriving in Co-op"

Prepared by: Karleigh Nyman, Gabrielle Smith, Brent Thornhill & Richard Wikkerink

"The Development, Pilot, and Evaluation of a Tiered Service Provision Model to Build Mental Health Resilience in Undergraduate Engineering Students"

Prepared by: Julia Petrovic, Bilun Naz Böke, Stephanie Zito, Laurianne Bastien, Sonja Washer, Lauren McAuley, Dana Carsley, Lina Di Genova, Vera Romano, & Nancy L. Heath

"Comparing a peer-led vs. mental health provider-led outreach program for university students"

Prepared by: Anita Kiafar, Laurianne Bastien, Lina Di Genova, Vera Romano, Stephen P. Lewis, & Nancy L. Heath

"The Built Environment and Social Interaction: A case study of university students in Waterloo, Ontario"

Prepared by Tharushe Jayaveer & Markus Moos

"Mental Health Impact of COVID-19"

Prepared by: Gustavo Betini, Rhéda Adekpedjou, Paul Hérbert, Chris Perlman, & John P. Hirdes

“Check-In: An Educational Activity to Address Well-being and Burnout Among Pharmacy Students”

Prepared by: Heidi Fernandes & Kaitlin Bynoski 

“Effects of Pre-Existing Social Anxiety on Mental Health Outcomes During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Prepared by: Jolie T.K. Ho & David A. Moscovitch

Age, psychosis, and cannabis use at first admission to inpatient psychiatry"

Prepared by: Tatung Nath & Chris Perlman