Alumnus Level Period Project Current Position
Ali Nasr Postdoctoral Research Associate 2023-2024 Advancements in Biomechanical Modeling and Control for Human Movement Analysis, Pose Estimation, Wearable Robotics, and Energy Regeneration Technical Lead at Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.
AliAsghar MohammadiNasrabadi PhD Student 2019-2024 Optimizing Total Hip Arthroplasty using Predictive Dynamic Simulation of Human Sit-to-Stand Movement and Deep Learning for Flexible Spinopelvic Model Identification Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
Keaton Inkol PhD Student 2018-2023 Dynamics and Model-based Control of Balance Recovery in Humans Using Lower-limb Exoskeletons Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
Jason Hunter MASc Student 2021-2023 Subject-specific Assistive Control of a Stroke Rehabilitation Robot  
Behzad Danaei PhD Student 2019-2023 Predictive Dynamic Simulation of Human Movement Following Hip and Knee Replacement Engineer at Multimatic Inc.
Spencer Ferguson MASc Student 2020-2023 A Two-Armed Forward Dynamic Model of a Golf Drive: A Simulation and Optimization Tool for Golf Equipment and Biomechanics Mechanical Design Engineer at N.S. International, Ltd
Adam Caldwell MASc Student 2020-2022 Development and Comparison of 3D Dynamic Models of Golf Clubhead-Ball Impacts Researcher at Research Grade Sports Ltd
Sydney Bell MASc Student 2020-2022 Muscle Torque Generator Model For A Two Degree-of-Freedom Shoulder Joint R&D Engineering Associate at Boston Scientific
Ali Nasr PhD Student 2018-2022 Design, Dynamics, and Control of Active-passive Upper-limb Exoskeleton Robots Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Waterloo
William McNally PhD Student 2018-2022 On the Design of 2D Human Pose Estimation Networks using Accelerated Neuroevolution and Novel Keypoint Representations Senior Research Engineer at Cleveland Golf / Srixon
Arash Hashemi Research Engineer 2021-2022   Vehicle Dynamics Controls Developer at General Motors
Merwa Al-Rasheed MASc Student 2019-2021 Combined Multibody Musculoskeletal Dynamic Modeling and Finite Element Modeling of the Human Tibia in Countermovement Jumps R&D Biomedical Engineer at Myant Inc.
Arash Hashemi MASc Student 2019-2021 Trajectory Planning and Subject-Specific Control of a Stroke Rehabilitation Robot using Deep Reinforcement Learning Research Engineer at University of Waterloo
Anson Maitland Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-2021 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Reduction Strategies for Real-time Optimal Control Co-founder at Enerza
Brokoslaw Laschowski PhD Student 2018-2021 Energy Regeneration and Environment Sensing for Robotic Leg Prostheses and Exoskeletons Research Scientist at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Mahdokht Ezati PhD Student 2017-2021 Predictive Dynamic Simulation of Child Gait Using Direct Collocation Optimal Control Controls Specialist at General Motors
Parya Khoshroo MASc Student 2018-2020 Control System and Graphical User Interface Design of an Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation Robot Controls Specialist at Armo-Tool
Valerie Norman-Gerum Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-2020   Research Scientist at University of Guelph
Amer Keblawi PhD Student 2015-2020 Acausal Modelling of Thermal Fluid Systems with a Focus on Engine Air Path Components  
Valerie Norman-Gerum PhD Student 2011-2019 Predictive Dynamic Simulation of Healthy Sit-to-Stand Movement Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
Mohammad Hassanpour Research Engineer 2018-2019   Software Engineer at Multimatic Inc.
Bryce Hosking MASc Student 2016-2018 Modelling and Model Predictive Control of Power-Split Hybrid Powertrains for Self-Driving Vehicles Systems Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace
Colin Brown MASc Student 2016-2018 Predictive Forward Dynamic Simulation of Wheelchair Propulsion Technology Analyst at Deloitte Consulting
Conor Jansen MASc Student 2016-2018 Predictive Dynamic Simulation of Cycling Using Olympic Cyclist and Bicycle Models Researcher at Nike Sport Research Lab
Reza Sharif Razavian Postdoctoral Fellow  2017-2018 Modelling of Human Motor and Balance Control for Gait and Sit-to-Stand Research Associate, Imperial College London
Mohit Batra PhD Student 2014-2018 Dynamics and Model-Predictive Anti-Jerk Control of Connected Electric Vehicles Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
William McNally MASc Student 2015-2017 Forward Dynamic Simulation of a Golf Drive PhD Student at University of Waterloo
Borna Ghannadi PhD Student 2013-2017 Model-Based Control of Upper Extremity Human-Robot Rehabilitation Systems Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
Ebrahim Moradi Postdoctoral Fellow 2017 Vehicle Dynamics and Control of Autonomous Vehicles Clearpath Robotics at Waterloo
Sara Greenberg MASc Student 2015-2017 Human Pose Estimation Using Depth Camera  
Sindhura Buggaveeti MASc Student 2015-2017 Dynamic Modeling and Parameter Identification of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Specialist at University of Waterloo
Reza Sharif Razavian PhD Student 2013-2017 Synergy-Based Modeling of Human Motor Control System Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
Naser Mehrabi Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2017 Modelling, Control, and Optimization of Biomechatronic systems Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Washington
Amir Mousavi Lajimi Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2017 Controlling Drift in IMU Position Sensing  
Peter Brown MASc Student 2013-2016 Contact Modelling for Forward Dynamics of Human Motion Research Specialist at University of Waterloo
Chongfeng Wei Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2016 Volumetric Modelling of Automotive Tires Assistance Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yiteng Liang MASc Student 2014-2016 Symbolic Integration of Multibody System Dynamics with Finite Element Method Engineer at Chrysler Group LLC
Ehsan Samadani Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2016   Lecturer at Conestoga College
Soroosh Hassanpour Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2016 Math-Based Modelling of Automotive Engine Air Paths Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Toronto
Joydeep Banerjee Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2016 Modelling of Distributed-Parameter Systems Research Engineer at Maplesoft
Brock Laschowski MASc Student 2014-2016 Biomechanical Modelling of Paralympic Wheelchair Sport Movements  PhD Student at University of Waterloo
Ramin Masoudi Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-2015 Model Reduction for Automotive Systems Assistant Professor at Americal University in Dubi
Amir Taghavipour Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2015 Model-Based Control of Automotive Systems Assistant Professor at Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Hadi Adibi Asl Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2015   Assistant Professor at Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Daniel Johnson MASc Student 2012-2014 Three-Dimensional Forward Dynamic Model of the Golf Swing Software Engineer at Thalmic labs
Willem Petersen Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2014 Math-Based Modelling of Automotive Powertrains Research Engineer at Impco
Andrew Hall PhD Student 2011-2014 Formulation of a Path-Following Joint for Multibody System Dynamics Co-Founder at HH Development
Shinhoon Kim MASc Student 2012-2014 High-Fidelity Modelling of an Electric Sport Utility Vehicle Research Engineer at Toyota R+D Technical Center
Adam Ing MASc Student 2012-2014 Automated Synthesis and Topology Optimization of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains Systems Engineer at LG Chem Power Inc
Naser Mehrabi PhD Student 2010-2014 Dynamics and Model-Based Control of Electric Power Steering Systems Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Waterloo
Amir Taghavipour PhD Student 2010-2014 Real-Time Optimal Energy Management System for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Assistant Professor at Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Hadi Adibi Asl PhD Student 2010-2014 Acausal Powertrain Modelling with Application to Model-based Powertrain Control Assistant Professor at Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Aden Seaman Research Engineer 2008-2014 Math-based Modelling and Control of Automotive Systems Lead Developer at Yakkertech
Joydeep Banerjee PhD Student 2008-2013 Graph-Theoretic Approach for Automatically Generating Sensitivity Equations Research Engineer at Maplesoft
Mohammad Sharif Shourijeh PhD Student 2009-2013 Optimal Control and Multibody Dynamic Modelling of Human Musculoskeletal Systems Research Engineer at Anybody Technologies
Fransis Loh MASc Student 2010-2013 Dynamic Modelling of Lexus SUV Forensic Engineer at Giffin Koerth
Thomas Uchida Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2012 Model Reduction for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Simbios Distinguished Fellow at Stanford University
Willem Petersen PhD Student 2008-2012 A Volumetric Contact Model for Planetary Rover Wheel/Soil Interaction Research Engineer at Impco
Ramin Masoudi PhD Student 2008-2012 Micromechanics of Fiber Networks Including Nonlinear Hysteresis and its Application to Multibody Dynamic Modeling of Piano Mechanisms Assistant Professor, American University in Dubi, UAE
Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2012 Parameter Identification for Mechatronic Vehicle Systems Associate Professor, IIT Hyderabad, India
Sukhpreet Sandhu PhD Student 2006-2012 Contact Dynamics in Biomechanical Systems Research Engineer, MSC Software
Reza Sharif Razavian MASc Student 2010-2012 Design and Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Optimal Controllers for Hybrid Electric Powertrains PhD Student, University of Waterloo
Thanh-Son Dao Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2011 Math-Based Modelling of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Application Engineer at MapleSoft
Matt Millard Postdoctoral Fellow 2011 Dynamic Simulation of 3D Human Motion Postdoctoral Fellow, Universitat Heidelberg
Thomas Uchida PhD Student 2006-2011 Real-Time Dynamic Simulation of Constrained Multibody Systems using Symbolic Computation Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Mathew Millard PhD Student 2005-2011 Mechanics and Control of Human Balance Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Mike Boos MASc Student 2008-2011 Validation of Volumetric Contact Dynamics Models Test Engineer, Ansys Inc.
Mohammadreza Saeedi MASc Student 2008-2010 Math-based Modelling of Automotive Powertrains Quality Engineer at Linamar
Kiumars Jalali PhD Student 2005-2010 Vehicle Dynamics and Stability Control Systems for Electric Vehicles Research Engineer at MDA Space Missions
Akram Abdel-Rahman MASc Student 2007-2009 Active Steering in Automotive Systems Engineering Specialist at GM Canada
William Bombardier MASc Student 2007-2009 Modelling 3D Roads in a Symbolic Environment Research Engineer at Bombardier Recreational Products
Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani PhD Student 2006-2009 Mechanistic Models for Contacts with Friction and Hysteresis Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
Roel Vos Diplomathesis 2008 Design and Prototyping of an Active Steering System ---
Yi Liu Postdoctoral Fellow 2006-2008 Design of Gears for Harmonic Drive Motors Research Engineer at Sprung-brett RDI
Michael Peasgood PhD Student 2004-2008 Autonomous Mobile Robots Co-Founder and VicePresident, Aeryon Labs
Willem Petersen Diplomathesis 2007 Dynamics of Impact between Golf Clubhead and Ball PhD Student, University of Waterloo
Henning Vogt Diplomathesis 2006-2007 Dynamics of Drive-by-wire Vehicles with In-wheel Motors Engineer, VW Group, Germany
Mike Wybenga MASc Student 2004-2007 Micro-Robot for Internal Inspection of the GI Tract Mechanical Lead, Profound Medical Inc.
Sarbast Rasheed Postdoctoral Fellow 2006-2007 Dynamic Modelling of 3D MEMS Actuators Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
Kevin Morency MASc Student 2004-2007 Real-Time Simulation of Automobile Dynamics Research Engineer, MDA Space Missions
Yves Gonthier PhD Student 2000-2007 Modelling of Multibody Contact Dynamics with Friction Robotics Engineer, Canadian Space Agency
Steven Cutler MASc Student 2005-2006 Dynamics and Control of Walking Robots Attorney, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
Adel Izadbakhsh MASc Student 2004-2006 Dynamics and Control of Mechatronic Systems Postdoctoral Fellow at GM Canada
Mathieu Léger MASc Student 2004-2006 Automated Coordinate Selection in Multibody System Dynamics Application Engineer, Maplesoft Inc., Waterloo
Nasser Azad PhD Student 2003-2006 Dynamics and Control of Hydraulically Articulated Vehicles Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo
Christopher Kuo MASc Student 2002-2005 Sports Utility Vehicle Rollover Control Engineer, Taiwan
Yi Liu PhD Student 2001-2005 Automated Design of Mechanisms and Machinery Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
Chad Schmitke PhD Student 2000-2005 Symbolic Modelling of Multibody System Dynamics Lead Developer, Maplesoft Inc., Waterloo
Christian Simonidis Diplomathesis 2004 Control of a Flexible Link Robotic Manipulator PhD Student, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Wolfgang Stamm Diplomathesis 2004 Compressional Behaviour of Felt Mechanical Engineer, LuK Group, Germany
Martin Hirschkorn MASc Student 2002-2004 Dynamics of Piano Actions Mechanisms Research Engineer, CM Labs
Michael Peasgood MASc Student 2001-2004 Biomechanical Design of Assistive Devices

PhD Student, University of Waterloo

Yuping He Postdoctoral Fellow 2003 Dynamics and Stability of Heavy Articulated Vehicles Assistant Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Scott Redmond MASc Student 2001-2003 Symbolic Kinematics and Dynamics of Multibody Systems Engineer, MD Robotics, Brampton, Ontario
Milad Ishac PhD Student 1993-2003 Motor-Network Technique for Multibody Dynamics Researcher, Kinesiology Department, University of Waterloo
Yuping He PhD Student 1998-2002 Dynamics and Optimization of Road and Rail Vehicles Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
Ajay Seth MASc Student 1997-2000 Human Motion Simulation and Control Models Research Associate, Stanford University
Jeff Cain PhD Student 1996-1999 Development of a Satellite Guidance System Research Engineer, COMDEV, Cambridge, Ontario
Craig Good MASc Student 1996-1998 Automated Design of Dynamic Mechanical Systems President, Collision Analysis, Alberta
Dave Lovekin MASc Student 1996-1998 Control of a Flexible Manipulator Subject to Dynamic Mass Capture Senior Advisor, Pembina Institute
Pengfei Shi MASc Student 1994-1998   Senior Advisor, Pembina Institute
Lawrence Chan MASc Student 1995-1997 Development of a Gravity-Free Flexible Manipulator Experimental Facility Engineer, Qualcomm Atheros
Aaron Baumal MASc Student 1996-1998 Automated Design of Planar Mechanical Systems using Numerical Optimization Principal, Fixed Income Trading, OMERS
Brian Muegge MASc Student 1994-1996 Graph-Theoretic Modelling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems Owner, Fleb Development Corp.
Cari Wells MASc Student 1994-1996 Symbolic Implementation of a Graph-Theoretic Formulation for Planar Multibody Systems Process Engineer, Vancouver Airport Authority
Layi Oshinowo MASc Student 1994-1996 Automated Analysis of Planar Mechanical Systems with User-Defined Coordinates: A Graph-Theoretic Approach Engineering Manager, MDA Space Missions