Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

Research Fellow: Ernie Regehr, O.C., recipient of the Pearson Peace Medal, 2011.

The mandate of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPACS) is to undertake research and public education, and provide support for peacemaking efforts at various levels. Currently, researchers at IPACS give leadership to:

  • Project Ploughshares - investigates the economic and political consequences of militarism, monitoring regional conflicts and arms flows and undertaking "citizen diplomacy" projects.
  • Certificate Program in Conflict Management - offers conflict management skills training; workshops may be taken for interest only or to obtain a certificate.

IPACS engages in public education with community groups, churches, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Its activities include workshops, seminars, public lectures, and publications on current issues, such as the Canadian arms trade, cross-cultural conflict resolution and the role of the church in peacemaking. The institute regularly sponsors lectures delivered by specialists in issues related to human conflict and peace.