Student Profile: Margie McCloskey

Monday, November 4, 2019

Margie McCloskeyFor Margie McCloskey, the PACS program was love at first sight when she found it at the Waterloo Fall Open House. Shortly after beginning at Waterloo, she discovered a natural commonality in Political Science.

I always find that my Political Science comes back to PACS – Everything comes back to PACS

Margie is currently enrolled in PSCI 498A Current Issues in Political Science and PACS 401 Senior Research Seminar, where she is researching Human Migration Patterns in Europe from Northern Africa and the Middle East and the impact of grassroot environmental activism in promoting climate action. Each course culminates in a large report which she hopes to submit for publication to an Undergraduate Journal.

Calling the Grebel residence home, Margie has served many roles within the Grebel and PACS community including serving as the PACS Undergrad Student Representative to the department’s administrative committee, working as the PACS Living and Learning Community Peer Leader at Grebel, and acting as the Peace Society Representative for Grebel Student Council.

During her third year, Margie took on a larger role within the Grebel Student Leadership Team as a Peace Society Representative. In this role, she ran weekly discussions with other students on peace related topics, and played a lead role in convening the Make-A-Difference Market, an annual event that features fair trade vendors as well as a bake sale and silent auction to Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support.

As the PACS Living Learning Community Peer Leader, Margie serves as a mentor for first year PACS students living in the Grebel residence program by hosting study sessions, helping with course selection, building relationships to help with the transition to university life, organizing group volunteer work, and fostering an environment for exploring the impacts of Peace.

When asked if she had any advice for first year students, Margie replied

Get involved! Whether it’s at Grebel, where the PACS program is based, or out in the Waterloo community, it is a great way to meet people and form a network of like minded people.

Now in her fourth year, Margie is pursuing a double major in PACS and PSCI with her sight set on a Juris Doctor Degree where she will be able to further her passion for social justice.