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Grebel Residence

Students in Grebel residence roomGrebel is a multi-year residence

This means that when you begin at Grebel as a first-year student, you can grow the relationships that you form here throughout your university experience. 

Grebel's residence is a community of students

People iconSome Grebelites live in residence on campus
People iconSome Grebelites live 'in residence' off campus*
People iconSome Grebelites are on-campus associates - living in the Grebel apartment building
People iconSome Grebelites are off-campus associates - living in homes and apartments near the university

*About 20 first year students will begin at Grebel in family homes in the nearby Westmount community. These students will live with a Grebel housemate in a family home for Fall and then move into a residence room for their second term.  In this setting, you have a little more private space, fewer people in the bathroom, and a short, refreshing walk to start and end your day.

At Grebel, we get to know one another!

This starts right away with our personable application process. Once your online application is received, we'll be in touch to invite you to an interview. This is our way of getting to know you a little better. We'll be sure to tell you more about residence at your interview! Since we do try to interview all new applicants, it is in your best interest to apply early. Decisions about residence will be made beginning May 27, 2019, so apply in advance of that date to ensure time to schedule an interview.