What do you (a future Grebel resident!) need to know in light of COVID-19?

1.  Grebel residence applications are currently being accepted and group interviews (part 2 of our application process) will happen online   
2.  Even though you can't visit us in person at the moment - there are many ways to experience Grebel virtually - check us out to see if we're a good fit for you!

Why be part of a Living-Learning cluster at Grebel?

Experience the best of both worlds: be part of a diverse residence community of 142 students from all faculties and programs, while enjoying the benefits of growing with a small group of students and faculty in any of three areas (listed below). You will participate in academic events, benefit from the experience of upper year students and learn about yourself, your vocation and the world!

Living-Learning program logo

Music                    Living-Learning             


  • 1st year on and off campus students formally connected to Grebel
  • from any faculty but with an interest in a music major/minor or music classes as fit schedule
  • students interested in enhancing their classroom experience with a music focus                                 


  • vibrant music peer group
  • many practice rooms right down the hall
  • jam sessions with other residents
  • academic guidance from an upper year music student through workshops, study sessions, and more
  • live in the community where your faculty teach

Peace & Conflict Studies (PACS)          Living-Learning      


  • 1st year on and off campus students formally connected to Grebel
  • students academically interested in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • students interested in exploring the impact of peace on their own life and the world around them


  • connect with other aspiring peace practitioners - both students and faculty
  • opportunities to attend workshops and conferences
  • academic guidance from an upper year PACS student linking you to resources and people and helping you develop skills learned in the classroom

PeaceTech            Living-Learning                


  • 1st to 5th year students from any faculty
  • both on and off campus students formally connected to Grebel​
  • curious students interested in learning about and exploring the intersection of technology and peace in society - both in and beyond their own program of study


  • conversations on topics such as: social entrepreneurship, technology, peace, team building, integrating vocation and purpose of life, education and faith
  • involvements like: Grebel courses, meeting with leaders and potential mentors, conversations with Grebel alumni, peace and tech practitioners
  • PeaceTech activities like: competitions, pitches, hackathons at Grebel, uWaterloo and beyond
How do I apply to be part of a living-learning program?
  1. Apply to the University of Waterloo.
  2. Follow the process to apply to live at Conrad Grebel. Be sure to indicate your interest in the Living-Learning Community on the application.
  3. There are many other Living-Learning communities on the UWaterloo campus. Visit the UWaterloo Living-Learning web pages to find out more

 Note Grebel’s residence program requires an application and interview. It's not too early to apply to be part of the residence community for Fall, Winter and/or Spring of the 2020/21 academic year. We would love to see you be a part of a Grebel L/L Community!