Students Value Skills-based Workshops

Monday, November 25, 2019

studnets sittting on the floor engaged in discussion

Students Value Skills-based Workshops

By Susan Baker, Manager, Conflict Management Certificate Program

Since 2011, both graduate and undergraduate PACS students have been able to register for a Conflict Management Certificate workshop for course credit (PACS 391). This learning experience epitomizes the definition of experiential education: application of theory and academic content to real-world experiences, combined with engagement and reflection. Students who participate in a Conflict Management Certificate workshop write a related paper and create an annotated bibliography. 

This learning opportunity provides a place for students to learn practical and relevant skills in managing conflict, not only from highly regarded practitioner instructors—many of whom have also achieved academic success—but also from the fellow participants, who bring their life experiences to the classroom. The positive evaluations from students are complemented by comments from participants who appreciate the value of a youthful perspective.

One student who took advantage of PACS 391 by participating in a two-day Facilitation Skills workshop used those skills when leading a three-day strategic planning meeting for an international non-governmental organization shortly after. Now in a current workplace, this student continues to rely on those invaluable skills.

Another graduate student completed practical skills workshops while beginning Police Foundations Training, finding that the skills workshop enhanced their theory learning and was applicable to their work training. Yet another student reported the workshop to be the most helpful learning in their undergraduate career!

We are proud of the work and contribution of the Conflict Management Certificate Program to the learning of both academic students and those who take the workshops for professional development and life-long learning. Check out our website for upcoming topics. Experiential learning is open to all!