Brian Orend

Portrait of Brian Orend

Areas of interest

War and peace, human rights, international law and justice in general, Kant’s political philosophy, happiness, especially for those with chronic conditions. He is perhaps best-known for his work on “justice after war” (jus post bellum): i.e., the ethics of post-war reconstruction.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

  • any of the above, plus related aspects of applied moral and political philosophy

Current Research

My current and future research revolves around post-war justice, the complex issue of respecting rights during emergency situations (such as the pandemic), as well as cyber conflict in all its forms.

Selected publications

  • The Morality of War (Broadview, 2nd ed., 2013).
  • An Introduction to International Studies (Oxford University Press, 2012).
  • Human Rights: Concept and Context (Broadview, 2003).

Selected grants, fellowships, awards

  • 2011: Distinguished Visiting Professor of Human Rights, University of Lund (Sweden), Sept. 2011.

  • 2007: three named, keynote lectures at the major American military schools: a) Burkhart Lecturer, U.S. Military Academy (West Point, Nov. 8th); b) Stutt Lecturer, U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis, March 18th); and McDermott Lecturer, U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, March 8th)

  • 2003: "Choice" designates my book, Human Rights: Concept and Context, an "Outstanding Academic Title of 2003"

Selected supervisions

  • Unwritten Law
  • Human Rights to Education
  • The Right of Ownership, especially of Intellectual Property


  • Balsillie School of International Affairs
  • The Strategic Cyber-Deterrence Research Initiative (Oxford University)
  • The War Crimes Network (Oxford University)

Contact information
519-888-4567  x42776
Office: HH 327