Information Quality

Information quality standards for specific collections of information are typically set by the administrative unit (i.e., the information custodians) with overall responsibility for the collection. For example, quality criteria for undergraduate academic records are set by the Registrar's Office, and for human resources records by the Human Resources department - so there is no single set of criteria applicable to all University information.

Authoritative sources of information & official versions of records

The University Records Retention Schedules (WatClass) identify the administrative units responsible for the official versions of University records.

In their work supporting decision-making, priority-setting, long-range planning, and policy development, Institutional Analysis & Planning collaborates with information custodians to provide authoritative information and analysis to University senior leadership, government, external stakeholders, agencies and researchers.

Managing transitory records & information

University Records Management in 5 Steps, Step 4, Destroy Transitory Records provides guidance on identifying, managing, and disposing of transitory information.