Records of the University’s convocation ceremonies.

This records class includes Personal Information Banks.

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Content & Scope

The University hosts two convocations a year, in spring and fall.

Records include planning records, correspondence with and instructions for convocation participants, lists of graduates and their degrees, drafts and final versions of convocation programs, speeches and presentations, and recordings of the proceedings.

Related Records

For lists of graduates approved by Senate and retained in Senate records, see GV30 – Senate.

Responsible Unit

Registrar’s Office.

Information Steward


Information Confidentiality Classification

  • Public: Published lists of graduates, convocation programs, speeches and presentations, audio and video recordings made available to the public.
  • Restricted: Communications with ceremony participants; registration and attendance records.
  • Confidential: All other records.


[To be determined]


Archives Selection.

Records which are not selected for the University archives should be destroyed at the end of their retention period. All confidential – including restricted and highly restricted – records must be securely destroyed.

Archival Records

Convocation programs, speeches, presentations, and selected audio and video recordings. Please contact the University Records Manager for assistance with these records at the end of their retention period. Records of long-term historical value to the University will be selected by the Library Special Collections & Archives department.


University of Waterloo Act, 1972.

Retention Rationale

Retention is based on operational use and regulations to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requiring that personal information be retained for a minimum of one year after its use, unless the individual to whom the information relates consents to its earlier disposal (RRO 1990 Reg 460, s 5(1)).

Some records are of long-term historical value.

Personal Information Banks

Registration and attendance records.

Under Review Date

12 February 2020