Records destruction form instructions

This form should be completed when you are disposing of official records, where your unit is identified as a "responsible unit" in the records classification and retention schedules (WatClass), and when disposing of transitory records containing personal information. This includes both paper and electronic records.

It’s recommended that you dispose of records on a regular timetable – typically after the end of the University's fiscal year (end of April) or academic year (end of August) – as best suits the work of your unit and the volume of records to be destroyed. In some cases, it might be necessary to destroy records after the end of every academic term, depending on their volume and required retention period. Please contact the University Records Manager if you need assistance in determining the most appropriate time to schedule records destruction, after the retention period has ended.

Type the information in the appropriate fields, save the form, print it, and have your unit head or delegate sign it. Records destruction forms should be retained for 7 years after the records destruction date, as evidence that you are following the records retention rules in WatClass. The completed forms belong to the draft records class IM60 – Information Collections Management.

Records Class #:  This is the alphanumeric code assigned to records classes in WatClass. If WatClass does not yet have a class number for the records you are destroying, contact the University Records Manager for assistance.

Records Class Title/Brief Description: Use the records class title in WatClass or the name your unit gives to the records. Include enough of a description so it is clear what is being destroyed. Do not include any personal information in the description (e.g., no student or employee names, or ID numbers).

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