University Records Retention Schedule Content

Each records classification & retention schedule follows a standard format, as described in this document

Records Class number – Title of Records Class

A brief description of the records within the scope of the records class.

Media | Related Records Responsible Unit Information Steward | Information Confidentiality Classification | Retention | Disposition | Archival Records | Authority | Retention Rationale | Other Units with Copies | Personal Information BanksVersion Information

Content & Scope

This section includes background information on the University activities and processes in which the records are created and used, and examples of the types of records in the records class. It may also describe records excluded from the class because they are classified elsewhere.


When required, this section provides information on the approved format and media of the records (e.g., paper or electronic documents, databases).

Related Records

Cross-references to similar or related records classes and to the classification of records explicitly excluded from this records class.

Responsible Unit

The office(s) responsible for the official records in this records class.

Information Steward

As defined in Policy 46 – Information Management, the senior-level administrator(s) delegated responsibility, on behalf of the University, for the creation, maintenance, protection, and use of the records class, and for approving the disposal or destruction of records when they are no longer needed by the University. The University’s information stewards are listed in the Directory of Administrative Information Stewards.

Information Confidentiality Classification

As defined in Policy 46, records are classified as Public, Confidential, Restricted, or Highly Restricted.


The retention period for the official record by the responsible unit(s).


Whether the records should be destroyed at the end of the retention period or preserved as part of the University archives due to their long-term historical value. If the disposition is Archives or Archives Selection, there may be notes with instructions regarding further actions required to ensure preservation of the records.

Includes a note on documenting the destruction of records.

Archival Records

Additional information on records to be preserved as part of the University archives.


References to any statutes, regulations, University policies, or other authoritative sources relevant to managing the records.

Retention Rationale

Additional information on the records retention period and the record-keeping requirements in the above cited authorities.

Other Units with Copies

Copies kept by offices other than the responsible unit(s), for operational use or convenience. Information on the retention of copies of records is included only if special record-keeping rules apply to these copies (e.g., the records contain personal information which must be managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act).

Retention of Copies

The retention period for copies. Copies of records must not be retained for longer than the retention period of the official record.

Disposition of Copies

Method of destruction for the copies.

Personal Information Banks

Additional details on any Personal Information Banks (PIBs) in the records class. Consult the Information & Privacy website for further information on PIBs.

Approval Date

Date the retention schedule was approved by the University Secretary and CIO. The current retention schedules are identified by their approval date.

Previous Version

The approval date of the previous, now superseded, version of the retention schedule.