Beginning the application

You can begin a new application by selecting “New Protocol” then either “Animals” or “Humans” as appropriate.

New application

Click between the question and the line to start typing. You will find that many questions provide additional information to guide you through the process.

creating an application

Principal Investigator/Faculty Supervisor

  • Begin typing and the system will automatically search for the user,  bringing up a list of results. You can then select the appropriate user.
    • You can search by name or username. Username will be quickest method to find the user.

Note: Students cannot serve as Principal Investigator. Submitting an application with a student in this field will result in your application being returned to you.


  • Select your department from the drop down list.

Study title

  • Enter your study title.

Lay Summary (for animal applications only)

  • Enter your lay summary.

creating an application

Once you complete these questions, select “Next” from the right menu.