Canada Research Chairs

Program name: Canada Research Chairs (CRC)
Type: Grant for research program
Office of Research deadline:

Internal deadlines are typically as follows:

  • Six months before program deadline – internal nomination form due to OR
  • Ten weeks before program deadline – first full draft due to OR
  • Six weeks before program deadline – second full draft due to OR
  • Two weeks before program deadline – final application due to OR

Contact the Office of Research contact for current deadlines

Program deadline:

There are two intake cycles per year, one in April and the other in October.

See the CRC Program website for full details


Tier 1: Full professor or associate professor who is expected to be promoted to full professor within one or two years of nomination

Tier 2: Emerging scholar who is at a minimum, assistant or associate professor, or possess the necessary qualifications to be appointed at these levels


If a recipient passes the peer review process, a Notice of Award and Acceptance will be sent to the University. The recipient must take up the appointment within 12 months of the institution receiving the notice of award and acceptance.

Selection criteria are based on uncompromising commitment to excellence in research and research training.

Reviewers assess all nominations against the following two criteria:

  • Quality of the nominee and quality of the proposed program of research
  • Quality of the institutional environment, institutional commitment, and fit of the proposed chair with the University’s strategic research plan
Funding start date: Approximately the next nomination cycle after submission, if successful, following competitive peer reviews
Research focus areas: No restrictions – PI should discuss their research program, not a single project

Tier 1 Chairs, the university receives $200,000 annually for seven years

Tier 2 Chairs, the university receives $100,000 annually for five years

Length of project:

Tier 1 Chairs are tenable for seven years and renewable once

Tier 2 Chairs are tenable for five years and renewable once

Industry partner: N/A
Program submission instructions:
  1. University submits strategic research plan and summary
  2. Nominee completes curriculum vitae form and forwards PIN to university
  3. Reference letters are submitted to the CRC by hardcopy, email, or fax and postmarked before midnight of the deadline date
  4. Nominee or University completes nomination form and CFI request
    1. University submits all forms online (curriculum vitae, nomination form, CFI request), as well as one copy of all forms, postmarked by midnight of the deadline date, to the Secretariat
  5. University submits Chair holder profile, photo, and photo authorization form
Office of Research application procedure:
  1. Nominee submits Canada Research Chairs (CRC) internal nomination form (PDF) to the Office of Research
  2. Waterloo internal review committee approves nomination to move forward
  3. Nominee submits two drafts of their application and a final version (see Office of Research deadlines) for review
  4. Office of Research submits final application online and one hardcopy to the CRC Secretariat
Office of Research Contacts:

Please email UWaterloo CRC at