Experiment.com crowdfunding opportunity




Crowdfunding for research

Office of Research deadline:

Ongoing - no deadline

Program deadline:

Ongoing - no deadline

Research focus areas:

Open - health sciences and environmental science have most appeal but any project could be funded if it attracts the interest and attention of the common person.


$5,000 USD is the expected average - funding is structured as an unrestricted grant.

Length of project:

Open - no obligation for professor to report, although professor is invited to post progress of research.

Industry partner:


Program submission instructions:

Refer to www.experiment.com for Q&A. All projects must be vetted by the Office of Research  before experiment.com will post them to their website. PI must be lead applicant.

Office of Research application procedure:

1.      Submit Cover Sheet

2.      Copy of all proposal files to Office of Research contact below

Office of Research contact:

Lisa Sergovich
Program contact: Andrew Wong
  • No IP constraints - IP follows University of Waterloo Policy #73
  • 8% commission from money raised
  • US company involvement is acceptable
  • Success rate approximately 40%
  • Experiment.com has funded 250 research projects
  • Tax receipts will not be issued by the University of Waterloo
  • One University of Waterloo research project has received funding via experiment.com to date
  • Predominantly a U.S. audience
Industrial Liaison Officer contact:

Corporate Research Partnerships