• Unless otherwise stipulated by the sponsor, the University of Waterloo policy and guidelines apply.  
  • Where the traveler is not the principal investigator (PI), the affiliation of the traveler to the research project must be provided. 
  • Flights can be booked at base level economy class (Coach/Standard/Flex or equivalent); fares above this must be approved by the Office of the Vice-President Academic & Provostpriorto any travel arrangements being made, per the Airfare Guidelines. 
  • If a claimant combines non-research university business or personal expenses with their research travel it is their responsibility to provide a cost comparison obtained at the time of booking.  
    • The amount reimbursable from the research account is the lesser of the amount incurred and the amount that would have been incurred if only the research portion had taken place.  
    • Examples may include the extended duration of a trip or an additional destination for non-research purposes, or expenses to accommodate travelers not involved in the research such as family members. 
  • If the research-related purpose of a travel or expense claim is unclear, it is the responsibility of the University to obtain additional information or justification. 
  • Travel claims and other expense reimbursements are processed via Concur.