IRPG programs

The International Research Partnership Grants (IRPG) are internal seed grants that provide Waterloo researchers with incentives to develop new or existing international research collaborations with leading institutions known for high-quality research and global ranking. Projects must demonstrate strong potential to leverage direct funding to Waterloo researchers from major Canadian and international funding programs. The IRPG program is currently postponed until further notice.

Program name:

International Research Partnership Grants

Type: Internal award
Office of Research deadlines:

May 1 and November 1 annually. In exceptional cases, proposals will be considered outside the normal deadlines. Please inform the program contact in advance if you intend to submit outside the May 1 and November 1 deadlines.

Research focus areas: All disciplines
Amount: Up to $20,000
Matching funds: Required 50%
Office of Research application procedure:

Send applications as a single PDF to Regan Child

Program contact: Regan Child
Additional Resources: 

Tips for an effective innovation lab (pdf)