Locating records from previous system

For general information on using the new Research Ethics System, including logging in and working with new records, see the Research Ethics System training guide.

What information from my records will be in the Research Ethics System?

The main details of all records and a PDF of the full (original) application will appear in the new system. Animal records will also contain a PDF of all submitted appendices, renewals, and amendments.

What is my ORE number (human) or AUPP number (animal) now?

Note: An imported record is a record that has been migrated from our previous ethics system to the new ethics system.

All imported records have been given a new unique number. Opening any of your records will show you the ORE/AUPP number from the old system.

imported record
imported record

When discussing a record with Research Ethics staff, both the old and new number are acceptable to provide as a reference to the application.

How do I submit an amendment on an imported record?

Review the process for amending non-imported records before proceeding, as there is large overlap in the process.

When changing an imported record, you are only required to update sections of the application that are being changed. You do not need to update the entire application.

If you are only changing the personnel on a record, you can do this directly on the imported version of the application. Any other changes will require switching the application from the imported record type to the appropriate type for your application (such as research, teaching, or clinical). If you are substantially changing a record there might be other options that would be easier for working with an imported record.

Changing only the personnel/researchers on the record

If you are only changing the researchers on an imported record, you can proceed with the normal amendment process.

Other changes to a record

For all other changes to a record, start an amendment as normal.

Next, edit the type of application to the appropriate type, instead of “Imported record.”

This change opens all of the sections for your type of application.

Finally, update the section(s) you need to amend to reflect the modified study. It may be helpful to open your old application to help fill out the new sections. The old application can be found in the ‘Other Attachments’ section at the bottom of the application.

You do not need to update any sections of the application that have not changed.

Substantial changes to a record

If you are making substantial changes to an application, contact Research Ethics. There might be alternatives to make substantial changes to your study in a simpler way.

How do I renew my study on an imported record?

The renewal process is exactly the same for imported records as it is for records created in the new Research Ethics System. For information on renewing your study, see the Research Ethics System training guide.

I don’t see one of my records. Where is it?

Only open/active records have been brought into the new system. Many records assigned to generic accounts have been reassigned to the Principal Investigator or Faculty Supervisor. If you expected to see a record, but don’t, contact Research Ethics for assistance.